19 April 2018

Going quiet for a while

I've been unhappy with my photographs for some time now, I can produce dross at quite a rate but fail to produce any meaningful content and so at the beginning of this year I set myself the challenge of making a set of interesting and worthwhile pictures over the following 12 months, failure to achieve this would result in packing my camera gear away for at least a year as I don't feel that I even deserve to own a camera right now.

We are now coming towards the end of month 4 and I still don't have a single image that I even want to keep so it's not looking good.

I spent 8 hours at Abbotsbury Swannery today in the hope of reigniting the wildlife spark but couldn't even manage a damp squib, the 2 pictures below are the total result of my day and not destined to live long on the hard drive -

The future looks far from rosy so I'm going quiet for a while, I'm not sure how long but I need to work at this block and find out if it's as permanent as it seems at this moment.

I will be back when I have a picture worth sharing and words worth typing if that time comes.

Note - reading this back it sounds rather pompous and self-centered but photography has been such a big part of my life for so many years and has seen me through some dark times so it's not just a part-time hobby to me, it's a big part of who I am and if I can't manage to create work that pleases me, even if no one else likes it, then I have to leave it alone.

12 April 2018

Fire Line Road

Forget my name, can you forget my face?
Gonna lose myself in some finer place
Finer place, it’s where I'll go
I'll leave no trace out on Fire Line Road

Fire Line Road - James McMurtry 

9 April 2018


The skyplane caught fire over Los Gatos Canyon
A fireball of lightning, and it shook all the hills
Who are these comrades that died like the dry leaves
The radio tells me they're just deportees

Goodbye to my Juan, goodbye Rosalita
Adios mis amigos, Jesus y Maria
You won't have a name when you ride the big airplane
All they will call you will be deportees

Woody Guthrie - Deportees