Friday, 10 November 2017

The call of the wild

After a few days of working in the house I looked through the window and saw the sun and decided I just had to get out with the camera for a couple of hours.

Strangely enough, after dolls heads and skeletons and more recently landscapes, my first thought was of birds, something I really haven't photographed, or even paid much attention to, for a while now, so after bolting the long lens to the camera it was off to the Nothe to see if the Turnstones were around. Luckily, several of the group had left the beach, which was in shade, and decided to take a stroll on the pier, perhaps in the mood to see the sights and act like tourists for a while.

There was a bit of preening going on,

and also a bit of standing around admiring the view.

I particularly like this one, normally I would try to photograph birds away from any man-made objects but this just appeals to me for some reason.

There were even a few feeding on the grass which is not a common sight, for me at least.

Of course, being the Nothe, there was no shortage of Grey Squirrels, not everyone's favourite creature but still quite cute.

A couple of happy hours passed in good wildlife company and it felt good to be out in the sunshine (even if the wind was damn chilly).

Monday, 6 November 2017

Portland Bill Landscapes

As much as I love black & white photography, a little colour must seep into everyone’s life now and again, even mine, so the last few days have been spent making some landscape photographs, returning to my roots so to speak.

Last Thursday started off misty but rapidly cleared, leaving me with just a trace of it to capture on camera. The Trinity Lighthouse foghorn was still bleating but if you ever heard the old one that sounded like a raging mythical beast that made the ground vibrate this one sounds more like an asthmatic weasel!

The sun made short work of the remaining wispy mist and blazed through like it was mid-summer rather than November.

During Saturday the wind picked up so I took another look at the Bill late in the afternoon and sure enough the waves were beginning to hammer in on the rocks but with still 2 hours to go until high tide they were not as impressive as they might have been and the light was falling fast.

The forecast for Monday was for clear skies and a high tide coinciding with sunrise so I set the alarm the night before hoping the forecasters had got it right.

The best I can say is that I’m not a morning person, a three-legged sloth would move faster than me, and unless there are at least 3 large coffees inside me it’s wise to steer clear, but I did manage to crawl out of bed while it was still dark and get to my position on the rocks before the sun poked it’s head above the horizon. I’m so glad I made it as the light was absolutely stunning and not a breath of wind to be felt. The next hour passed in a blur as I tried to make several photographs before the light became too harsh and I’m pleased with what I achieved.

The previous 2 pictures were made 30 minutes apart and show just how fast the light changes early in the morning.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Skeevy goes home

Well, that was a job getting out of that dark, smelly hole, but here I am in the daylight once again.

Time to climb over the cemetery railings and make my way home.

I’m not sure the cat recognises me after all this time.

Time to let everything go and relax with a well-earned cup of tea.

C’mon, stop being a diva and have your picture taken with me.

What’s upsetting the three-headed dog, it’s not usually so noisy.

The grim reaper is trying to make off with my family heirlooms.

Better keep an eye out in case he comes back to try again.

Finally, peace and quiet. Time for a little moon-bathing.

It’s getting late and after a long day there’s nothing like a bit of classical music to get me in the mood for sleep.

That’s it folks, time to head up to bed. See you all later.


When you want to do a photography set like this it’s extremely useful to know someone who is working on a ‘spooky’ doll house project, so thanks to Jane for the use of the props. Skeevy just might decide to visit your ‘proper’ doll house in the future, you have been warned.