Thursday, 11 May 2017

Birding before photography

The urge to photograph birds, or anything for that matter, seems to be waning at the moment so today I thought I'd have a little wander around and do some birding (shock, horror, end of the world etc). I'm not exactly known for birding, it's more something that seems to happen as I look for things to photograph but today I left the main camera kit alone and grabbed the bins, although I did take the small bridge camera just in case as the habits of a lifetime are not easy to totally break.

 As soon as I got to King Barrow Quarry it became grey and gloomy with misty murk threatening. Oh well, just carry on and hope it improves which it did after a short spell. This patch is quite good for butterflies but rather dismal for birds with today's species count reaching the dizzy heights of 7, yes 7 but as 1 of those was a Whitethroat it would be churlish to complain.

Then it was off to do the circuit of Reap Lane & Barleycrates Lane which produced 9 species, quite low for here but the stiff breeze probably meant that most of the small birds were keeping low in the bushes. It was a wonderful walk round though as I was serenaded by skylarks the whole way. A kestrel dropped down and perched on the barbed wire while it looked around for prey and as it was fairly close my natural instinct kicked in and I had to get a shot.

It's even possible that I may venture down to Radipole and Lodmoor RSPB reserves tomorrow for a little more birding but let's wait and see how things turn out.


  1. Keep your eye out for Hooded Crows, there's one been at Grove pigfarm today and another one with wierd wing patches a few days earlier over The Bill. Pretty damn unusual down there. I'm surrounded by them now but I haven't seen a Carrion Crow (or Magpie) since moving here.

    1. Thanks Seth.
      Funnily enough I did take a look there yesterday after hearing about them but couldn't find one although I did see someone on the hill with a better view angle and later one was reported from there. Just my luck, need to try again.