8 January 2018

Flowers, ferns and headaches

I talked about my ideas and plans for 2018 here and Steve Gale of ND&B was kind enough to recommend a book for identifying wild flowers that would be suitable for a total beginner such as myself.

I've now managed to get a copy of this and it's very interesting and very scary in equal proportions, I've no idea how I'm going to get on but time will tell. There will no doubt be some horrendous mistakes in my identifications which only a total novice could make but I guess that's all part of the process of learning something new.

Being a glutton for punishment I have also printed out a pdf for identifying the most common ferns I'm likely to come across so look out for even more mistakes!

Oh, what fun 2018 is going to be.................


  1. It's a fair book, it'll get you through much of what you're looking at. Ferns are easy, until you realise that they hybridise. Then they're about as enjoyable as pulling your own teeth out.

    1. Thanks Seth, you make it sound so appealing.......